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Coming soon!

Below are items coming soon to our page. If you are interested in or want to personalize any of these feel free to reach out to us. We would love to work with you.


Deer & Bear Magnents


We are reworking the bear and deer magnents to be a larger version of the original with a few other tweeks. 

Keep an eye out for these adorable pieces, coming to our site soon!


Saint Patty's 

Tic-Tac-Toe Saint Patrick's Day Style!

Adorable wooden boards with great game pieces. 

Image coming soon...

Heart Puzzles

If it's Valentine's Day or just a sweet gift to let someone know you love them. These sweet puzzles can be personalized with a name, saying, quote or message. Coming soon to the site!


Easter Egg Wooden Coins

Tired of filling Easter Eggs with only candy? These adorable wooden coins are a great addition to any Easter holiday celebration. They can easily be personalized or sent out as a set pack. 

Image coming soon...

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