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Mother's Day Keychain

Mother's Day Keychain


Hand-painted wooden custom wildflower keychain! Perfect gift for mom and/or grandma. We can change the wording on main part of keychain to whatever name/title you'd prefer . (Example: Grandma, Mom, Mama, Gigi, etc.)

Please leave notes on the names you'd like in the flowers and if you have a color prefence. (Blue, Yellow, Purple, Pink )


See photos for details. 

  • Main piece title. (Grandma, Mom, etc.)

    Please let us know what you'd like the main part of the keychain to say. Example: Mom's Wildflowers, Grandma's Wildflowers, etc.

  • Flower Names / Colors

    Please list name/color of individual flowers you'd like. These keychains work best with 5 or less, but we can lengthen the chains if needed. 

Optional Image Upload

Add up to 2 image files, limit 15MB

These are the preferred file types.


Please make sure your file is at least 300dpi, anything less than this will not yield a good quality image.

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